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Dental Health and Mental Health: How Are They Connected?

  • 26 August, 2021
  • Posted

“It was very embarrassing. My bad breath became such a problem that I started avoiding meeting friends. I would spend a lot of time on the web looking for bad breath treatment. I tried so many home remedies. It was a very frustrating period that crashed my self-esteem. Things did get better after seeing the dentists at DentOShine and following very strict hygiene.” – Akhil Pandey, 26

“I always had insecurities about my smile since high school. It always affected my self-confidence, being too conscious about how I looked when smiling. And it was always something that would get me stressed and anxious especially when meeting someone new or in a group setting. Finally, after years of thinking, being depressed, and embarrassed, I decided to go for a smile makeover. I cannot be happier with the result. To think this could have been possible years back and I didn’t have to go through all the problems, it’s a pity. To anyone with a good smile, understand that it’s almost a blessing. You don’t know how a bad smile can affect your mental health.” – Sraboni Chatterjee, 35

“I was at full fault for my tooth decay and discoloration. I never cared about my dental health. And then one day one of my friends made some comments about my teeth, which is when I became extremely conscious about my teeth. I ended up at the DentoShine clinic a couple of months later and for the next few months got my dental implants and veneers done. It was all very stressful. For the first few weeks, I didn’t know what to do. I would feel anxiety every time I was around friends and colleagues. Depression would be hyperbole but I did feel very low at times. Thankfully, a relative recommended Dr. Souravi!!” – Debamrita Sengupta, 42

These are some of our patients, highlighting how their dental health affects their mental health. In fact, the connection between the two has been well established. There are many direct and indirect ways how bad oral health can affect someone psychologically, pushing them towards stress, anxiety, and even depression. It affects their confidence and esteem. Many people limit their social life out of embarrassment. Dental problems like teeth sensitivity and decay prevent people from eating the desired food items; problems like toothache are a constant pain. These affect one’s choice and quality of lifestyle.

So, there are many more reasons to seek treatments for your dental problems. If left unchecked, these problems may spiral and expand, getting worse. And, in the end, they may affect your mental health and overall life. In all, it’s essential to have good dental health; it’s essential to take good care of your oral health. Search “best dentist near me” and consult them. Visit one of the top dental clinics in Kolkata, talk to a doctor, seek proper help, and build healthy dental hygiene.


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