Timings : Mon to Fri : 10:30 a.m to 1:30 p.m. ;3 p.m to 8:00 p.m. ; Saturday : Surgeries Only

About DentOShine Advanced Unit

The DentOShine advanced unit is an ultra-modern extension of the DentOShine family where we focus on what we have learnt in the past 10 years.

Our new unit is completely isolated and private, away from the DentOShine main unit. We designed the Advanced Unit keeping Covid restrictions and preferences of patients in mind.

In the Advanced unit, we are paying a lot of attention and emphasis to our child patients. The colorful and cheerful vibe will most definitely make it comfortable for children. At DentOShine Advanced, we specialize in complicated dental surgeries like “Single Visit Root Canal” and “Single Day Implants”.

Special Features ( Treatment )

Our specialized dental treatments include

  • Single Visit Root Canal – The latest equipment and the best root canal specialists can do your root canal treatment in a painless effortless manner, in just one sitting.
  • Single Day Implants– In one sitting, we will help you get rid of your broken or chapped tooth and get it replaced with a new implant. The latest equipment at DentOShine advanced lets you get the implants done in one visit.
  • Pediatric Unit – We have facilities and setup for treating children in a very comfortable and painless manner. Our specialized pediatricians focus on the comfort of your children and offer the most convenient treatment.
  • Surgeries – At DentOShine Advanced Unit, you will find all the facilities for extensive oral surgeries. All kinds of oral treatment and care can be provided to each and every patient suffering from unwanted oral problems.
  • Cosmetic Dental Treatment – The cosmetic treatment helps in giving you a beautiful smile and teeth. At DentOShine Advanced, we believe in the patient first approach so our focus is to make you smile, just the way you like it.

Key Equipments

We have a latest Dental Chair attached with an Oral Camera and a Screen . Patients now can see whatever treatment goes on inside their mouth. We maintain 100% transparency with the patient so that they could also know what is going on.

A Digital X-Ray Unit with a large Screen for patients to have a clear idea of the treatment and diagnosis. While we do the diagnosis, the patients also can also share their insights and recommendations.

Lastly, the screen is not only for showing treatment and processes. Restless and hyper active children can watch their favourite cartoon and TV shows on the attached screen while our paediatric experts focus on their oral treatment.

Get the latest and best Dental Treatment at our DentOShine Advanced Unit.

At every step of the treatment, you will be aware of what is going on. We want to ensure your satisfaction by delivering the finest and most advanced oral treatments in Kolkata.