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Exploring the Major Purpose of Root Canal Treatment

  • 18 January, 2022
  • Posted

Unsure about why root canal treatment is carried out? Before we get into this treatment type, it’s important that you know what root canal is. Well, it is that hollow section of your teeth which consists of blood vessels and nerve cells along with other cells. Also known as pulp, this part nourishes your teeth, provides moisture and senses temperature. When this pulp becomes diseased due to your tooth becoming decayed or damaged, you’re likely to experience intense throbbing pain and sensitivity to rise in temperature. As this tissue becomes infected and starts to die, then develops the need for undergoing Root Canal Treatment or RCT.

So, RCT is basically a tooth-saving procedure that helps to treat inflammation or a bacterial infection in your teeth. Consult with an experienced dentist of a noted dental clinic in Kolkata to avail the best root canal treatment using modern technology and advanced dental tools.

All that you need to know about Root Canal Treatment

The fundamental purpose of root canal treatment is the removal of all diseased tissue from deep within your tooth and to seal the affected tooth from re-infection. A good dentist will remove the infected tooth pulp with an instrument that’s specifically designed for this method. During this procedure, you won’t feel any pain due to application of local anaesthesia and after it’s completed, your tooth will become completely pain-free as the harmed tissue will no longer be there.

The canals are then flushed with antibacterial solutions and sealed with a biocompatible substance called gutta-percha. These fillings and sealers used during RCT play an active role in preventing bacteria from entering that tooth again.

Why root canal treatment is beneficial?

As root canal treatment involves cleaning the cavity and elimination of the infection in the pulp cavity, it acts as a saviour to prevent further tooth pain, tooth sensitivity or tooth decay. Once the root canal is cleaned and the cavity is filled up, you can stay assured that your affected tooth has been treated effectively to restore its health and hygiene. This endodontic method that involves meticulous cleaning, sealing the canal and adding a crown is a reliable procedure to keep your teeth free from bacteria and infection to ensure oral wellness.

Look up for “best endodontist near me” to book a check-up with a trustworthy dentist attached with an accredited dental clinic to receive suitable dental cure for your tooth-related problems. Such a sensible dentist will be able to provide you systematic RCT at pocket-friendly charges to remove all pain and suffering due to infection of your root canal.


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