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4 Things to Teach Your Kids About Dental Health

  • 15 July, 2021
  • Posted

If you have any dental problems, you likely wish to have started caring for your oral health a little earlier. Now you struggle with a toothache, sensitivity, stains that hurt your confidence, or some other nagging issue that has a high treatment cost.

Make sure your kids don’t end up in the same position.

Ensure they adopt healthier dental care practices right from the go. In that, there’s no such thing as “too early” to teach your kids about dental health.

Here are four things you should teach them:

1. Brushing twice is important

Many people brush only once a day. And it’s one of the biggest dental healthcare mistakes. Make sure your kids don’t have one such bad habit.

Encourage them to brush first thing in the morning and last thing in the day.

2. Brush every corner of the mouth

There’s a good chance your kid just chews the brush and spits out the paste.

There’s a way to brush properly. The toothbrush should reach every corner of the mouth and the bristles should thoroughly clean every part.

This, of course, requires a good quality toothbrush. So, ensure your kids have the right toothbrush and they are actively and thoroughly brushing their teeth. Also, talk to them about cleaning their tongue.

3. Brushing alone isn’t sufficient

Just because they are brushing doesn’t mean they may not experience any dental problems. Let them know this, else they may take a reluctant approach towards dental healthcare, assuming brushing teeth is sufficient.

Using mouthwash and flossing are both equally important.

So, make sure you have kid-friendly mouthwash and floss at home.

At the same time, also teach your kids about how certain food items can hurt teeth, and that they should ideally be avoided. Eating right is important to good dental health, and the sooner your kids realize this the better.

4. Visiting a dentist for a routine checkup is key

As a part of your healthcare, you should regularly pay a visit to a dental clinic in Kolkata for routine checkups. You should see a dentist at least once every 6 months.

Teach your kids about this. Let them know the importance of getting checked by a dentist regularly.

Take them to the dentist. Google “best dental clinic near me” and find a good clinic that offers pediatric solutions.

Lead by Example

Kids learn from their parents. So, make sure you’re the right model for them when it comes to dental health. Practice good oral hygiene yourself. Brush twice every day. Floss. Use mouthwash. And visit the best dentist in Kolkata for regular checkups.


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