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5 Root Canal Myths Debunked

  • 21 June, 2021
  • Posted

Going for root canal therapy soon?


Still not clear about certain things regarding the procedure?

Of course, consulting your dentist and asking them questions directly is the best option here. But there’s a good chance you will still browse around the web to find the answers and address your concerns.

In your research, make a note to not fall for these common root canal myths:

1. It’s going to be painful

This may have been true a few decades back, but not today.

The dentists are now equipped with modern solutions.

With better anesthetics, the root canal will be painless.

So, if you’re getting anxious about the possible pain during the procedure, don’t worry. There will be no pain.

2. Roots of the tooth will be removed

This is one of the biggest root canal myths.

The roots of the canal aren’t removed. Instead, the dentist removes the pulp inside the tooth. It is removed by making a small opening in the top of the tooth, which is then later filled.

3. No pain? You don’t need root canal

Just because you’re not experiencing any pain doesn’t mean everything is good.

Your tooth pulp may still be infected or damaged. This can only be confirmed with diagnosis.

Understand that the absence of pain doesn’t mean you won’t require root canal. There are many cases when you may be advised for root canal treatment even when there’s no evident problem on the surface.

4. Pulling the teeth is better

At times, tooth extraction could be a better choice. But not always.

Keeping your natural tooth intact should be a primary goal. Extracting them can result in many problems in eating and chewing.

And implants and crowns are expensive treatments for missing teeth, which may not fit everyone’s budget.

So, in the majority of cases, a root canal is the right option.

5. Tooth is completely restored

No, your teeth aren’t invincible even after the root canal.

Improper dental care and not following up with the doctor are big mistakes that can cause problems.

So, after the treatment, you need to work with your dentist to restore your teeth properly.

Final Words

These are some of the many root canal myths.

Still have questions?

Have some concerns?

Connect with an experienced dental doctor in Kolkata today. Ask them questions and get the best root canal treatment.


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