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6 Unavoidable Signs You Need A Root Canal Treatment

  • 23 October, 2021
  • Posted

Do you have a hunch that you may need endodontic care? Is root canal treatment the solution for your teeth pain? To answer your questions, you first need to have a clear idea of the signs which signal the requirement for root canal treatment. Do look up “best dentist near me” to schedule an appointment with a qualified and efficient dentist to take up well-executed root canal treatment.

1) When you experience severe oral pain

Are you suffering from intense tooth ache? Then, you must immediately tell your dentist about this. If you have a spontaneous pain that gives you sudden shocks, it may be that you’ve got an infected or dead tooth that needs root canal. Also, if certain portions of your teeth or gum hurt terribly, you may need root canal. Another sign is when you feel pressure on your tooth or face when you lie down.

2) When you notice bumps on the gum

If you find any bumps on your gum, it becomes evident that you’ve got an infected tooth that needs root canal.

3) When your mouth becomes sensitive to heat and cold

A natural sensitivity to heat and cold is perfectly normal in case of teeth. But if you continue to feel the pain or sensitivity triggered by the hot or cold contact long after consuming the drink or food, you may be in need of root canal.

4) When you develop swollen gums

Do you have extremely swollen gums that are tender and painful? Though little swelling is caused after brushing or flossing too hard, excess swelling that continues to last is indicative of infected tooth that deserves root canal.

5) When your gums become dark

Darkening gums are a sign of decayed gum. A tooth dying due to infection will be reflected through gums that are decaying. You can’t miss out this telltale sign that emphasizes the necessity of root canal.

6) When you’ve got cracked or chipped tooth

Do you have a tooth that’s cracked or chipped? Well, this may be due to an inflamed or infected pulp. Else, an infected or decayed tooth may take the appearance of being chipped or cracked after dying. In any case, you need root canal treatment.

Do consult an experienced dentist of a well-known dental clinic to go through the best Root canal treatment for improving your teeth’s health, hygiene and visual display.


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