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All That You Need to Know About the Art of Smile Designing

  • 15 October, 2021
  • Posted

Want to flaunt a flawless smile? Then, this cosmetic treatment called smile designing that includes a number of procedures is perfect to improve the appearance of your teeth and smile. Google “best dental doctor near me” to book an appointment with an experienced dentist to receive elaborate smile designing service conducted with efficiency and precision.

Smile designing or smile rejuvenation can actually reinvent your smile under the expert assistance of a skilled dentist. Below are some of the processes a dentist undertakes to shape and sculpt your teeth to redefine your smile for an attractive facial beauty.

Cavity fillings

A good dentist uses tooth-colored natural materials to fill the space produced between teeth due to cavities. Before proceeding with this step, the dentist usually cleans the destroyed portion of teeth first.

Dental veneers

Dental veneers or tooth-resembling shells are generally fixed to thefront part of teeth to fill up spaces, hide smudged teeth or align teeth that are unshapely or crooked.

Composite bonding

Want a solution to treat severely discolored teeth? Well, a dentist may undertake composite bonding to repair cracked or chipped teeth. For this, a layer of composite resin is applied on the teeth, which can also be useful for filling gaps between teeth.

Dental crowns

Want to give a dramatic change to your teeth? Well, crowns can be an excellent option to make your teeth impressive. During this procedure, a custom-made crown is used in place of the removed outer crown.

Teeth implants

Do you have a missing tooth? This problem can be fixed using dental implants or bridges. For a tooth decay, a dentist usually removes the tooth first and then places the implants.

Teeth whitening

Troubled with discolored teeth? Then, teeth whitening is one of the basic cosmetic procedures you should undergo to restore your teeth’s original color. This is effective in making your teeth pearly white and shiny to help you display a bright and beautiful smile.

Thus, at the end of smile designing, you’re sure to be surprised to find glossy and aligned teeth along with healthy gums so that you can smile that dazzling smile with confidence! Consult an efficient dentist of a noted dental clinic to avail a cost-effective smile designing in Kolkata service to recover your oral health and uplift the visual charm of your smile.


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